Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ One … “.

It was a great show this week, JVG and I had a longish chat about the how my book was going and why I hadn’t done a CD to go with it ( there is always Vol II Jon)

I felt sure that we had used “One” as a theme before but I guess not. I was looking for an idea and found myself strolling through the  “neighbourhood”, stumbled on the question people ask “If you could change just one thing” and before you know it I had a poem.

Great to have Ed on guitar this week. Have a listen to how it went below…

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:

One …

Squirrel’s tenth birthday and he was in pensive mood
First day in double figures changed the way his world was viewed

It was supposed to be a bar-b-que, but things hadn’t gone as planned
Torrential rain all morning meant the whole idea was canned

‘Squirrel’s’ mum ran round like a chook without a head
“Sunshine, they predicted and it buckets down instead

Bloody weather bureau, do as well to read my tea
You’d think we’re in middle ages not 1963”

She busied in the kitchen, cooking, trying to make the most
While hubby perved his way through the Australasian Post

Flicked on the Radiola, which she’d hoped might calm her down
Perhaps some Perry Como; instead she got James Brown

“All this raucous, modern rubbish” she moaned to neighbour Lesley
“I thought we’d hit rock bottom with that deviant Elvis Presley”

The kids sent to the sun room, told to keep out of the way
Wait for the rain to ease then go outside and play

“If you could change one thing” ‘Squirrel’ questioned, deep in thought
As they huddled round the Astor, engrossed in World of Sport

“More woodchop” offered ‘Rabbit’ head resting on the dog
As Jack O’Toole’s axe cleaved yet another log

“Not this TV show” sighed ‘Squirrel’ “I mean anything, the lot”
“Anything?” quizzed ‘Rabbit’ “anything, like what?”

“Anything” stressed ‘Squirrel’ “anything at all
Famine, school hours, football, anything, your call”

“Come in Jet Jackson, you’re sending us to sleep”
‘Pig’ always grew defensive when conversation grew too deep

“I’d change the weather” ‘Rabbit’ keen to have his say
“So it only rained at night and the sun was out all day”

“You’re a dick brain” snarled ‘Pig’, words dripping with derision
“Then they’d make us go outside instead of watching Television”

“Stuff the weather” barked Ken Smedley “I’d ban immigration”
Several decades on he’d find his soul mate in One Nation

Quite ironic really, given both his dad and mum
Emigrated in the thirties from a bleak East London slum

‘Spanner’ uttered not a word, his thoughts told in his eyes
He stared out to the garage, his issue was with size

Metric, Whitworth, SAE, all the different tools demanded
If he could change one thing he’d make just one measure standard

Lindy Dent thought carefully before she gave an answer
“If I could change one thing then I’d choose a cure for cancer”

She’d sat beside her Nan and offered silent prayers and pleas
Though a child she saw the ruthlessness of this insidious disease

“Cancer? That’s a star sign, not something someone gets”
‘Pig’ scoffed and opened up a pack of chocolate cigarettes

Suddenly the sun appeared, clouds gave way to blue
The kids ran out into the yard and their beloved bar-b-que

“Hey ‘Squirrel’” ‘Rabbit’ muttered, “you can’t bloody pike
We’ve told you what we reckon, now tell us one thing that you’d like”

‘Squirrel’ looked around the yard; his birthday, he was king
“If I had the choice” he chimed “I wouldn’t change one thing”

© Copyright 2017 Ian Bland

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