Bland On Bland – Pink

The theme for the JVG Radio Method today was ” The Colour Is Pink“.

Click to play todays poem … [audio:JVG_Poem20070415a.mp3]

This one was phoned in from Achill Island in County Mayo, it’s on the west coast of Ireland

I heard that Jon was curious about where I am, you can have a look here on Google Maps


you can rub yourself with oil, sunbake for a week
but a cocksure bronze veneer won’t hide a yellow streak

it might even take a redhead for you to find your match
but don’t blame the scarlet woman if you blow your purple patch

no point in being browned off, for what’s befallen you
a black eye or a black heart are just different shades of blue

love can send you grey, fear can turn you white
who can tell the difference in the middle of the night

does a red shirt keep you warmer when you’re turning blue with cold
will a silver lining save you when all you touch stops turning gold

do other people’s fortunes have you turning green
while others favour orange and there’s little in between

a dollar or a trillion have the same worth when you’re dead
it matters not a penny, in the black or the red

in the black or in the red are merely different shade s of ink
neither count for anything – unless you’re in the pink

© Copyright 2007 Ian Bland

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  1. Hah! I’m not into poetry but I had a listen anyway and was very pleasantly surprized. Good stuff, Ian! You’ve helped me realize that I do like some poetry after all. And if you pass through County Cork say “Hi!” to my ancestors! IIRC “O’Canty” meant “the satirist”. Hey, maybe we’re related?

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