Bland On Bland – Please

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Please”.

Please be warned that the throat is still a bit dodgy this week.

Once again Ed is missing, I am sure it’s just because he doesn’t want to catch the flu.

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We the voters, are a hard lot to please, suspicious of all who would serve
We brand politicians, liars and cheats but they’re no less than we deserve

We sell our vote to the highest bidder for little more than a token
On the strength of a promise, everyone knows, is most likely going to be broken

A carrot dangled, revised and amended; reviewed until it’s forgotten
Core, non core, hard core, no core, but mostly the core is plain rotten

Ted Baillieu wants to spend countless millions doing up Flinders Street Station
Sometimes cosmetics buy more votes than in health and education

While we wait, in vain, for the 5:15, at least we’ll stay dry if it rains
No point in having a station Ted if there aren’t any bloody trains

Labour, running scared of the Greens, quickly into the fray
A few low blows from Bronwyn Pike, as usual behind the play

Labelled Brian Walters a hypocrite and worse, as anti Semitic
That back fired, and was quickly exposed, for what it was – pathetic

It’s not just parties, but self interest groups, in it for all they can get
Manoeuvring, pressuring, calling in favours with a pledge of support or a threat

Developers, retailers, unions, employers, all with something to sell
The Murdoch Empire dictating opinion, thanks to a media cartel

The Christian Lobby and its dubious ethics, so concerned about our malaise
Not environmental or economic but getting rid of the gays

Candidates, lobbyists, voters and press; each with their well scripted parts
The “Politics of Politics” melodrama or farce – “Life imitates Art”

So make a few speeches, fill them with buzzwords, and endless rhetorical quotes
Kiss a few babies, shake a few hands, maybe you’ll pull a few votes

Then stop all the bullshit, get on with business and for God’s sake get off your knees
Win, lose or draw don’t forget to say thanks – cause I’ve yet to hear you say please

We the voters, are a hard lot to please, our interests always self serving
We brand politicians, liars and cheats but they’re no less than we’re deserving

© Copyright 2010 Ian Bland

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