Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Politicians“.

A no brainer topic for JVG this week, Australia had its triennial attempt at democracy.

Not a lot of people in the studio this week, I think everyone was exhausted.

No Ed Bates providing the guitar backing this week.

To have a listen to how it went below…

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Thank God the election’s over; back to reality
Finally, after six weeks I can turn on my TV

No more abysmal advertisements broadcast on high rotation
Cheap and nasty hyperbole, that smacked of desperation

For the Liberals,celebrations, as the rest deal with the pain
It’s hard to find a positive in such a negative campaign

If nothing else, we at least deserved an honest fight
Instead they treated us like fuckwits and sadly got it right

Kissing babies, shaking hands, mixing with the masses
Spruiking shallow rhetoric akin to greenhouse gasses

Speeches carefully written to disguise their true agendas
Dire economic warnings when they’re the main offenders

Promises of billions; vague, quixotic quotes
Not sound financial management; attempts at buying votes

A smattering of policy; what they think we want to hear
We’ve been conned, bribed, buttered up and that old chestnut ‘fear’

Lies, spin and more lies: gross exaggerations
Evasiveness, distortions, innuendo, fabrications

All that’s promised pre-election by Monday’s out the door
As Little Johnny cynically showed, claim it as non-core

Back room deals on preferences; who knows what they’re planning
Those grubby little deals might birth another Fraser Anning

In our face for six weeks as they vie for our affection
Then once the votes are counted disappear till next election

The pollies head to Canberra; Tony will hand back his key
George can return to the Philippines while Clive repairs to Fiji

So let’s all toast democracy, that we rightly hold so dear
And see if this Prime Minister can at least see out the year

© Copyright 2019 Ian Bland

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