Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Public Holidays“.

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Public Holidays

We love a public holiday; that comes as no surprise
It’s more than the occasion that they’ve come to symbolise

An oasis in the desert; a life raft to our aid
A brief respite for those overworked and underpaid

A glimpse of Shangrila; sanguine and hypnotic
They turn an ordinary weekend into something more exotic

Anzac and Labour days have reverential meanings
Ditto Christmas and Easter for those who share those leanings

Australia Day of course is a day to celebrate
Which I look forward to doing once we’ve changed the flag and date

When we’re honest enough to recognise the truth about our nation
Give substance, not mere platitudes to reconciliation

Melbourne Cup’s all drunks in suits; the odd race in between
Though I care more for the horses than I do about the Queen

Which leaves us with Boxing Day followed by New Year
Both of those synonymous with a little liquid cheer

I’m yet to be convinced regarding Grand Final Eve
I risk the ire of those who wear their colours on their sleeve

I’d move the holiday from Friday to the Monday after
I’ve suggested this to friends and they think there’s nothing dafter

No-one’s losing out by swapping one day for another
It merely gives both parties more time to recover

A win for the workers and even better for their bosses
They’ll be good for nothing anyway; why not cut your losses?

A day off work for football? Who’d have ever thought
Though at times the games a side show – drinking is the sport

Supporters of both teams indulging like there’s no tomorrows
The winners toasting victory while the losers drown their sorrows

Whatever the occasion we always want our fill
It’s all about brain cells and how many we can kill

Celebrating, commiserating; either way we end up stinking
‘Public Holiday’ is a euphemism; another way of saying ‘drinking’

A day off work for football; who’d have ever thought
Let’s have a holiday for drinking and dispense will all the sport

© Copyright 2019 Ian Bland

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