Bland On Bland – Radiothon 2016 Week 1

RRRBBQDay2014_046The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Radiothon 2016 Week 1“.

Good afternoon Jon and greetings, this week, from Manchester.

Sad to be absent from the studio for Radiothon, one of my favourite times of the year and I know you have a full show this week, crammed with guests and it will be bedlam: very enjoyable bedlam I might add, so I’m not going to take up too much time.

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That’s enough from me and as tradition dictates, it’s time to head back to the neighbourhood.

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Radiothon 2016 Week 1

Excitement gripped the neighbourhood
An air of anticipation
For once, even “Pig’s” mind turned
From thoughts of mastication

The buzz grew ever louder
As the time grew ever near
Hard rubbish collection
The highlight of the year

Nature strips piled high
With what was classified as trash
Though many a phoenix
Awaited re-birth in the ash

Old timber, lino offcuts
Scrap metal, used car parts
Reborn as cubby houses
Tree huts and billy carts

While most of what was thrown out
Was junk by any measure
They knew, when least expected
They could discover treasure

“Squirrel”, “Rabbit”, “Spanner”
Their strategist Lindy Dent
“Pig’s” keen sense of smell
Located riches by the scent

With competition fierce
They had no time to rest
They organised themselves
Deciding pairs were best

Each day they chose a different route
When coming home from school
Scanned each heap of garbage
Searching for a jewel

Their quest had turned up little
Despite roaming round for days
They’d been beaten every time
By “Fruitcake” Frankie Hayes

His parents didn’t give a stuff
He could roam around all night
While the kids all had a curfew
They were never in the fight

If Frankie was out rummaging
While they were stuck in bed
Lindy Dent suggested
They set out at dawn instead

Results were instant
As they strode down Corbett’s Road
Two curtain rails, a sea grass mat
And a stainless steel commode

When “Rabbit” found an Austin grill
“Spanner” was in heaven
Lindy spied a glint outside
Number 102, Flat 7

It was, no mistaking
The fossicker’s Holy Grail
A set of chrome spoked wheels
“Pig”took off, like a snail

From the far end of the road
With the speed of a gazelle
Came “Fruitcake” Frankie Hayes
He’d spied the wheels as well

It was “Pig” versus “Fruitcake”
The outlook looking bleak
But who would claim the wheels?
We’ll all find out – next week

to be continued…..

© Copyright 2016 Ian Bland

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