Bland On Bland – Rent

Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Rent“.


Have I paid the rent?
All done
Well, virtually
I have paid some
Some, not all
A slight shortfall
Really small
Just a tad
Nothing bad

We’re up to date; almost, not quite
Thereabouts, a little light
Practically, we’ll be right
Kinda, roughly, partly, nearly
A little short, nothing really

Went via the bank
Filled the tank
Down the shops
A couple of stops
Paid some bills
No frills
Just the basics
A pair of Asics
Wrinkle cream, beer, CDs
A tattoo, necessities
New phone, cashmere slacks
Haircut, Brazillian Wax
Ray Bans, a bar fridge
Over budget, just a smidge
Oysters, prawns, a few essentials
A slight budgetary differential

A deficit in our rent account
Just a miniscule amount

Have I paid the rent? Yes
Well, more or less
Perhaps a frag more less than more
Either or
Yes and no
Still a little bit to go

Strictly, ‘paid’ is not quite true
Gave the agent an IOU

He’s sympathetic to our plight
He’s given us till six tonight

Calm down, I have a fool proof scheme
A guaranteed income stream

It cannot fail, have faith in me
Sandown, number five, race three

Of course I have a back up plan
Your Dad still got that Caravan?

© Copyright 2018 Ian Bland

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