RRRBBQDay2014_046The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “River“.

And we are back. First one for the year. After a summer spent messing around in the surf and not thinking.

But all good things come to an end and here we are ready to go again.

Great to have Ed back on guitar after his convalescence. Welcome back mate, you were missed.

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To sit by a river and ponder it’s flow
Where is its source? Where does it go?

The art of relaxing; an art good as dead
Now we pay somebody to relax us instead

The pace of our world, life on the hop
So accustomed to stress, we stress when we stop

To sit by a river without calm, without pause
Interest rates, politics, house prices, wars

A mind, over-worked, ill at ease with the lull
Weighed down, as barnacles, weaken a hull

Unnerved by the stillness; distrustful of peace
Exposed by the silence, tensions increase

To sit by a river and not tire of its lilt
To yield to its rhythm without boredom or guilt

Divorced from the world – less fact than perception
No facebook, no twitter; no mobile reception

To surrender control, to call your own bluff
Will The Farmer find a wife? Who gives a stuff?

To weather the calm; an addicts withdrawal
To sit by a river and think nothing at all

© Copyright 2016 Ian Bland

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