Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ Runaway “.

What a great theme JVG picked this week and for the sharp eyed among you – yes we did do do Runaway once before back in Mar 2007

Jon and I chatted about the week gone and the glamour of running away when you are young (hint if you are 11 years old. 5 Suitcases and a boomerang might be stretching it a bit). 

And such a wonderful reason for him choosing this weeks theme. That’s right, Jon was nipping out early today. Abandoning the ship. Doing a runner…. You get the idea.

Ed Bates, provided backing this week (if you get a chance checkout his solo on Dans cover of Del Shannon’s Runaway over on the 3RRR site from later in the show… brilliant)

Here’s the poem below…

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:


The girls were playing in the loungeroom, the television on
It was close to half an hour before mum realised they were gone

Dad left the door ajar while he took the rubbish out
He’d forgotten, till mum yelled “Pete, you seen the girls about?”

Zoe and Chloe were a feisty, playful pair
Zoe, more assertive; Chloe followed everywhere

They didn’t mean to run away, it sort of happened without knowing
Their target was the front gate, once achieved they kept on going

They’d grown a little tired of always doing what they’re told
They could look after themselves; they were almost three years old

Insatiably inquisitive, some would say, their finest trait
Enough energy, if harnessed, to power most of the state

Though, uncontrolled adventurousness can come at quite a cost
Having effected their escape they now discovered they were lost

Meanwhile, mum searched the house; underneath the bed
While dad checked out the garden, the garage and the shed

Son Zak had no idea; he had a crisis of his own
Killing zombies on his tablet as he fought to save the throne

Dad began to lose it; mum whispered “Calm down Pete
I’ll speak to the neighbours, you look down the street”

“Don’t worry Jess” flapped Dad “they can’t have gone too far
Why don’t you speak to the neighbours, I’ll scout round in the car”

“I’ll speak to the neighbours Pete” Jess trying to keep things calm
Though unnecessary given Pete forgot to turn off the car alarm

They scoured the neighbourhood; every cul-de-sac and lane
Made harder by the fact it was now bucketing with rain

Even Zac ditched his tablet, slaying zombies had to wait
In case the girls returned he kept a vigil by the gate

Mum combed the seafront, dad explored the park
Concern turned to panic; only minutes left till dark

Jess phoned the police; the sergeant seemed a little gruff
“It happens all the time” he sighed “they’ll come home soon enough”

“They’re not teenagers” Jess barked “the girl’s are only two”
“Alright, alright” the sergeant moaned “we’ll see what we can do”

The girls had sheltered in an alcove; frozen, tired and wet
The thrill replaced by tears, excitement by regret

A stranger approached them and they didn’t like his tone
“Hello young ladies, what you doing out alone?”

At last, the call they’d prayed for; the girls had been tracked down
Almost twenty k’s away on the other side of town

How they walked so far Jess and Pete were at a loss
A hell of a distance for a Chihuahua Shih Tzu cross

A two hundred dollar pound fee? Pete nearly flipped
“Just be thankful” Jess bristled “the girls were micro chipped”

For once a happy ending, the girls were safely home
Zoe claimed the couch while Chloe chewed a bone

The girls had learned their lesson and would runaway no more
Well, not until the next time Pete forgets to close the door

© Copyright 2017 Ian Bland

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