RRRBBQDay2014_046The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Science“.

Ed playing in the back this week

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Knowledge is subjective: Common sense, elusive
Surely God and science are not mutually exclusive?

Ashley Ash, of Ashburton, distrusted chemistry
Every branch of science he thought was devilry

From Einstien’s Laws of Nature to the Periodic table
All satanic incantations descended from The Tower of Babel

All scientific tenets, reviled and then ignored
The devil’s interference in the doings of The Lord

God determines weather: Climate change? What rot
Droughts and floods, mere punishment: recall the wife of Lot

The sun revolves around the earth: our world remaining still
No such thing as gravity: we are held down by God’s will

Logic is the devil’s work: the labours of the beast
It is God who makes our bread rise, nought to do with yeast

The Holy Texts are literal: All else, scriptural treason
Faith requires no thinking: Its enemy is reason

Science, deluded by inquisitiveness and thought
The embodiment of evil – along with gays – and sport

Though had Ash followed football, with his rigid sense of “right”
He’d have no doubt gone for Collingwood, being black and white

To all defying explanation, that contradicted or seemed odd
He dismissed the laws of science and ascribed The Hand of God

His neighbour had a chainsaw and was cleaning up his yard
When The Hand of God came down and it came down bloody hard

Ash was at the letterbox sorting through his mail
When a branch cut from a Cypress Pine squashed him like a snail

Did Ashley find God’s Kingdom? None alive can say
Though it would have galled, a damned machine, propelled him on his way

Here lies Ashley Ash’s Ashes – He lived and breathed defiance
Taken by The Hand of God – with a little help from science

© Copyright 2015 Ian Bland

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