Bland On Bland – Sinners

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ Sinners “.

With a theme like Sinners, well,  it’s a no brainer really.

Time for another “Letter To God”. That worked out rather well I thought.

Dave Evans provided the “church organ” backing

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:

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Dear God, Remember me? – Hello! – Is anybody there?
I’ll leave this for you just in case – sort of voicemail in a prayer

I’m not asking for forgiveness; where would I begin?
Though, I have to say, in honesty – I quite like a bit of sin

Mind you, nothing heavy duty: nothing heinous, pretty tame
Unlike many whose atrocities are committed in your name

You know the ones I mean, I’m sure; torture, maim and kill
Then claim the moral high ground – “Just carrying out God’s will”

Your servants abuse our children: bequeath an unbearable curse
Protected by their superiors, whose crime is even worse

Evangelists, mouth’s foaming, casting demons from the chaste
Seeing evil everywhere – or is it their own waste?

Women raped, then shamed, for the perpetrators crime
Adam ate the apple, but Eve’s still doing time

Families split, ostracised: freedoms tightly checked
With scriptures so ambiguous, what can you expect?

Every faith is guilty – every sect and creed
Your tribes still roam the desert: Your hands and feet still bleed

Ignore the chants and prayers and the hymns the faithful sing
They worship their own image – you’ve become their Puppet King

I do not trust the righteous or conclusions they impart
I would rather trust my conscience; my conscience and my heart

For surely they are God’s work? Truth and will encased
Not governed by man’s prejudice: scraps, to cut and paste

While man translates God’s values, hope wears ever thinner
I’ll remain, shamelessly, a dirty, filthy, sinner

© Copyright 2012 Ian Bland

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