Bland On Bland – Somebodys Something

Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Somebody’s Something“.

Good afternoon Jon and greetings from England.

Flat out playing small clubs and getting ready for a couple of festivals so I’ll just jump straight in this week …

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Somebody’s Something

I’ve been watching Trump’s hair; observing it for years
My conclusion is it’s not the fashion faux pas it appears

Sometimes it seems to droop; sometimes he wears it big
Unlike some, I’m not convinced that Donald wears a wig

When Trump berates Obama it stands up like a cat
Yet when he’s meeting Putin it seems to lie down flat

It can flop like it’s asleep, and then suddenly revive
This has led me to believe that Trump’s hair is alive

This is purely supposition, and I stress without condemning
Trump’s pate has been invaded by a Siberian Brown Lemming

It wrapped around his scone and burrowed deep into his head
A lemming is the president, Donald is long dead

It explains the strange behaviour; the daily contradictory rant
Misogyny, narcissism with a touch of sycophant

Confuses words; impatient, curt, lacks concentration
These traits suggest a lemming now controls the nation

It’s not Donald’s fault he comes across a blustering buffoon
Blame the lemmings, they pull the strings, he dances to their tune

How did they do it? How did they gain access?
They must have had some help; perhaps those fakers in the press

Or a fat, disgusting female who ignored Trump’s wedding bands
Whose dreadful, sleazy buttocks molested Donald’s hands

But what could be their purpose? At first I wasn’t sure
To put a Russian in the White House? No, the answer’s more obscure

The reason for this action is redress for losing face
Revenge against Disney who defamed the Lemming race

For it was Disney who deceptively construed the damning myth
That Lemmings commit suicide by jumping off a cliff

Those lies won Disney an Academy Award
The Lemmings will not rest till they’ve exposed that murderous fraud

They continue to avenge, as if Trump was not enough
Next target’s Mickey Mouse; he’s made of sterner stuff

As Donald’s ramblings continue, self righteous and incensed
It’s ironic he’s become the very fake he rails against

© Copyright 2018 Ian Bland

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