Bland On Bland – Something Day

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Something Day”.

Jon is getting vague again. Something day? Winters Day, Summer Day? any old day. It?s not a theme so much as a minefield.

Just Perfect!

Wait that’s it….

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:

Accompaniment on guitar by the Ed Bates.

Also have a listen to the songs on the New Album “Angel In Reverse

Also my mate Devon Sproule was on the show. She and Jon had the best conversation and she played three of her excellent songs.
It was great catching up out here.

Something Day

A perfect day: home alone
Draw the blinds, switch off my phone

Sit down on the couch, to write
An idea dawns: almost – not quite

I brew myself a pot of tea
Sip and wait, patiently

Stare down at the empty page
The faint blue lines become my cage

Barren as the desert sands
The pen, grows restless in my hands

Eager for the fog to clear
I ditch the tea and crack a beer

I pace round seeking inspiration
To shift this lingual constipation

No spark of wit; no random thought
Stuff the beer, this calls for port

Relax, don’t panic; let it come
But nothing does; my brain is numb

Wash the dishes; check my watch
I dump the port and pour a scotch

Then epiphany, gleaned from art
The way to finish is not to start

Minimalism: a revelation
My pad will be an “installation”

No hackneyed rhymes: no florid scrawl
A poem with no words at all

Stripped of pretence: honest, frank
I’ll name my Magnum Opus “Blank”

If critics like my wordless text
A book of wordless poems next

Beyond that, I can but surmise
The Booker? No, the Nobel Prize

The possibilities are boundless
But on radio? I mean, it’s soundless

A silent verse: I’m glad I penned it
Though I’m not quite certain how you end it

Screw the scotch, a black Earl Grey
A perfect close to a perfect day

© Copyright 2014 Ian Bland

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