The theme this week for Jon’s JVG Radio Method on 3RRR is “SQUARE“. Ed Bates is responsible for the background sounds.

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“A square deal for all” politicians pledge but those promises come with strings
Depending where you live, urban or rural, square can mean two different things

My cynical nature says it’s all down to votes, a fact not hard to explain
Often they’ve got more to lose in the suburbs while in the bush they’ve got less to gain

When it comes to building something unpleasant “Out of sight is to often out of mind”
The closer it gets to the city and suburbs they grow nervous and far less inclined

Eastlink they went to great pains to ensure was environmentally and aesthetically sound
But the Basslink pylons straddle forests and farmlands, they wouldn’t put those underground

Quality of life means as much in the country and God knows they work just as hard
The bush gets filled with the unwanted crap like a shed at the bottom of the yard

Power stations, gas pipes, pylons, wind farms, and plants for desalination
But wouldn’t it make sense to build it closer to the intended destination

Compulsorily acquire a few holes on a golf course – don’t look at me like I’m silly
So it’s alright to bugger up Daylston but forget about Black Rock or Willy?

In town we lose touch where things come from — and where they end up, mores the pity
But the bush is not just a feeding lot and dumping ground for the city

Is it too much to ask that we share the load? City and country side by side
I’ve got a plan to help build a bridge across the urban and rural divide

The St Kilda Triangle Re-development has a lot of people seeing red
I’d like to offer a practical solution, a desalination plant instead

They claim there’s no danger to anyone’s health and salt water’s within easy reach
That’s what they said when they chose Wonthaggi fronting Victoria’s finest beach

We could link all the backyard swimming pools with the help of a government grant
Wham bam, there’s your new dam and no need for a desalination plant

A string of pylons through the Botanical Gardens, I can’t see why that’s so obscene
After all they’re no taller than a lot of the trees and you could always paint them green

A wind farm at Point Nepean; the Portsea mob are good sports
Just thirty or forty turbines to help light their tennis courts

A few on the foreshore at Brighton; say one every fifty metres
Enough to cover their air conditioners and fire up their swimming pool heaters

One on the roof of Eureka Towers to catch the afternoon breeze
It should almost handle the elevators but would it cope with the plasma TV’s?

A dozen or so at Docklands would light up the evening sky
Power up Jeff’s Shed, Telstra Dome and what’s left can turn the new Melbourne Eye

Ten in a circle, above the casino, now that’s what I call a crown
Those pokie machines suck up enough juice to light up your average town

Or install the old machines, the ones with the handles, and there’d be no need for a tower
While the poor suckers are blowing their money they could also generate power

One atop the the Art Centre Spire, not for power generation
But the seagull problem that’s plagued it for years would diminish with each rotation

Build the mother of towers on Mount Dandenong, like a modern day Tower of Babel
A constant reminder to the suburbs below of what’s at the end of the cable

In fact build a tower in every suburb, so the message doesn’t get lost
That you don’t square things up when you pay your bill, there’s a price as well as a cost

You can’t put a square peg in a round hole and you can’t unlay an egg
But the least you can do is look after your chooks and try using a smaller peg

© Copyright 2008 Ian Bland

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