RRRBBQDay2014_046The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Star Signs“.

Some days you just have to wonder where Jon’s head is when he comes up with these themes…

Thanks to Ed Bates for his excellent guitar backing today
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Star Signs

A cup of tea: the forecast fine
The weekend filled with hope
Till you opened up the paper
Found the dreaded horoscope

The drive we’d planned along the coast
Started to unravel
Cause, according to your horoscope
Today, you shouldn’t travel

I suggested we went back to bed
I’d pull down the blind
We could hide under the doona
Until the planets all aligned

You said Uranus was ascending
Hadn’t noticed, I confess
But if it’s bothering you that much
Why not buy a larger dress?

Sarcastic? Who me?
I’m a Scorpio, alright
The stars made me a cynic
I think it’s all a load of shite

What started off a pleasant day
Was now shaped like a pear
In the time it took to burn the toast
A chill consumed the air

You told me we were finished
Our fate was sealed at birth
I will always be a water sign
You, my love, are earth

I’m ruled by Mars and Pluto
You’re ruled by The Sun
With Saturn in my seventh house
I could never be “the one”

I found out through a mutual friend
You’ve fallen for an Aries
A perfect match, so I’m told
You’re both off with the fairies

I will never partner anyone
Who shows interest in Astrology
If I’m chasing something deeper
I’d sooner trust Proctology

You can change your name, religion
As easily as your phone
You can even change your gender
But your star sign’s set in stone

If I had a heart lung transplant
Does that change when I’m born?
Would my legs and arms be Scorpio
My organs, Capricorn?
For some, the stars, bring order
A blend of joy and strife
Odd, that sounds familiar
That’s right, we call it life

© Copyright 2015 Ian Bland

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