Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Stephen”

I must confessed to be slightly amazed, who knew there were so many Steve/Stephen songs. When JVG first mentioned it as a theme I thought he would struggle to find songs. I was so wrong. (How could I have forgotten Radio Birdman’s classic “Aloha Steve and Dano”)

Ed Bates on  the guitar duties this week, it sounds really nice.



The first Stephen I knew, either ph or v
Was Stephen Waghorn, my best mate in grade three

He left shortly after, we each went our way
In honour of friendship, I salute him today

And each Stephen and Stefan, the short and the tall
Every Steve and Stefano, we acknowledge you all

Steve White, Steven Black, Stevie Green, Stefan Brown
Steven Spielberg, Soderberg, Guttenberg, Downes

Stephen Porter and Backway, Stephen Young, Stephen New
Steve Kelson, Steve Gadd, to name but a few

Steve Gray, Steve Graves, Steve Groves and Steve Greaves
Steve Strange and Steve Coogan, a smorgasbord of Steves

Steve Miller, Lukather, Prestwich and Harley
Hackett, Connolly, Kilbey and Marley

Stephen Stills, Foster, Sondheim and Gaye
Steve Winwood, Steve Lucas and the great Stevie Ray

Steve Bisley, Steve Jobs, Steve Irwin, Steve Earle
Stevie Nicks, who said Stevie can’t be a girl?

Steve Biko and Vizard, Steve Martin and Tyler
Steve Cram and Ovett, the champion miler

Steve Bracks, Stephen Cummins, Steve Jones, Stevie Plunder
Stevland Judkins, AKA, Stevie Wonder

Steve McQueen, the actor and House’s pet rat
Steve Stevens, Jon Stevens, and one once known as Cat

Stefano DiMera, on bass, Steve Purcell
Steve Leiber and Horler, Stevie Carell

One Stephen Hawking’s worth two Oxford Scholars
Whereas one Steve Austin’s worth six million dollars

Steve Gaines, Steven Grant, Stevie Van Zandt
Steve Howe and Steve Vai, Stephen King, Stephen Fry

Steven Wright, but which one? They come by the ton
Comedian, footballers, DJ or writer
Serial killer, actor or fighter
Our own Little Stevie, singer of Evie

Nine popes, six kings, a saint and Steve Waugh
Marriot, Morrissey, McGarret and more

Lastly, Steve Cox, also known as “The Leach”
Those Black Sabbath tickets cost thirty bucks each

You’d pay me next day, well, that’s what you swore
Leach, I’ve been waiting since seventy four

I’m a Scorpio, get it – I put nothing behind me
You can’t hide forever, you know where to find me

I’ve got friends, catch my drift? I know it might sound banal
If you won’t deal with me, try Steven Seagal

© Copyright 2013 Ian Bland

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