Bland On Bland – Sundown

Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Sundown“.

And we are back for 2020. First one for the year and JVG picked a pretty good place to start.

I really enjoyed writing this one, end of the break, neighbourhood, what more could you ask for?

Lets get the year started.

Ed Bates provided the guitar backing, have a listen to how it went below…

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:


The last day of the summer holidays had come around too soon
Everyone gathered in ‘Spanners’ back yard late in the afternoon

Bruno Lucek, ‘Squirrel’ and ‘Rabbit’, all in a sombre mood
The Fitzgerald sisters, Lindy Dent, and ‘Pig’, more concerned about food

“Look at the sky” sighed ‘Rabbit’ as he sucked on a ginger beer
“The final sunset before we go back to school for another year”

“Don’t get dramatical” ‘Pig’ fired back “jeez you can talk some shit
Bugger the sunset, chop some wood and get the BBQ lit

There’ll be a new sun in the morning, probably similar size to today’s
One normally turns up around dawn unless the weather causes delays”

“That’s because it is the same sun” Lindy Dent stared incredulously
“Bullshit” scoffed ‘Pig’ “I’ve sat on the beach and seen the sun sink in the sea

That’s what makes the waves and stuff, like when you chuck in a stone
You dickheads really expect me to swallow that waves make waves on their own?

The sun starts to fall ‘cause it overheats, it’s like 40 degrees centigrade
Then it drops down into the ocean – that’s how your islands are made

“But the sun’s a million times larger than Earth” Lindy dared disagree
“You fruitcake” laughed ‘Pig’ “everyone knows it’s the size of the MCG

It rises somewhere near Belgrave and sets this side of Geelong
It never comes out during the night and it travels nearly all day long”

“How many suns do you reckon there are?” ‘Rabbit’ struggled to keep a straight face
“There’s millions” cried ‘Pig’ “millions, and trillions floating around in space

Every sun is slightly different, you know, if you measured them with a ruler
That’s why the temperature changes each day; some are hotter, some are cooler

I know all about astromony, I’m not some gullible clown
A new sun appears every day up above and then gravity pulls it down

How could the sun set, circle round in the dark, then climb back into the sky?
Need to rise early to pull a leg over me, you imbeciles, nice try

You think I’m a moron; you’re jealous ‘cause I know more than you”
“No-one thinks you’re a moron” smiled ‘Rabbit’ “you can measure a moron’s IQ”

“Well that’s alright then” ‘Pig’ replied “I’ve given you thoughts to regurgitate
Now it’s your turn, stop stuffing around and get the snags off the grate”

The others sat there in silence; the condemned, faced their last night
‘Rabbit’ gazed down at his ginger beer and spoke midst the dying light

“The sun’s gone down on our holidays and another year’s school is dawning”
“I told you” snapped ‘Pig’ “Professor Doom, there’ll be a new sun in the morning”

Ignorance is sometimes a blessing; shields the harshness of truth from our eyes
The sun was never to set on ‘Pig’, for it was destined never to rise

© Copyright 2020 Ian Bland

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