The theme Jon chose for the JVG Radio Method today was “TASMANIA”.

Click to play todays piece … [audio:JVG_Poem20070422.mp3]

I originally wanted this to be read by Lizzie from Anagassan (East Coast of Ireland) but the technology let us down. So I had to wait until I got to Dublin to get a vaguely decent recording.

I say farewell to Ireland this week and will be phoning in from somewhere in England next.

I promise to get the words transcribed eventually, It’s hard enough getting the phone to record this stuff, I have bugger all idea about how to get the phone to type the words out.

I’ll have another Guiness while I think about it.


my uncle moved to australia
at least that’s what he said
but when i received his postcard
seems he’d gone to tasmania instead

i thought it was just a wee island
full of nothing but mountains and trout
he said it’s as big as the mainland
with all the bullshit taken out

in china they had to build a wall
in rome they put up a gate
but to keep out the trash, we dug us a moat
called the bastard bass straight

i’d heard down there they’ve got two heads
he wrote that’s true in part
not that they have a extra scone
just that they’re twice as smart

it’s the centre of art and the theatre
in spite of what mainlanders spin
melbourne gave the world “neighbours”
but tassie produced errol flynn

i’ve bought myself an atlas
so i can follow my uncle around
you’d never believe the interest
shown throughout county down

nobody gave a tinker’s cuss
when my cousin moved to albania
not a day goes by without somebody asking
to see my map of tasmania

© Copyright 2007 Ian Bland

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