The theme this week for Jon’s JVG Radio Method on 3RRR is “TEMPTATION”. It rapidly beacame an exercise in resisting temptation…

Click to hear today’s poem… [audio:JVG_Poem20080525.mp3]

Jon and I both had good weeks, I was able to catch up on a whole lot of reading and Jon had a good time at a party he went to.

Ed Bates provided the slide guitar backing this week and was in excellent form.


“temptation” many religions believe
is a pox born of woman, traced back to eve

those devil’s incarnate prey on man’s soul
is it not more damning of man’s self control?

it’s a concept with which i constantly grapple
paradise lost! — over one lousy apple?

a box of cherries at least, or a freshly picked mango
why dump it on eve? it takes two to tango

but the story persists and women pay still
justified by some as imposing god’s will

ever since we left the garden to roam with the cattle
temptation has followed, a never ending battle

like when I woke this morning it was bitterly cold
I was tempted to sleep in — so over I rolled

somehow I found strength and threw back the quilt
a disciplined act? —– or surrender to guilt?

neither in fact — just pure titillation
a sumptuous breakfast I found a greater temptation

only one egg a week my doctor insisted
if not for temptation I may have resisted

but a one egg omelette is at best mediocre
so I put in six including one double yolker

a kilo of cheese, full fat of course
the same weight of butter in the hollandaise sauce

toast fried in lard, such a tempting aroma
not so much breakfast as a prelude to coma

appetite sated, time to head for the train
before I set off I was tempted again

tempted to stay home and take the day off
call JVG and feign a wheeze and a cough
pardon me

he’s such a heartless tyrant; I thought, “what’s the use?”
on this show even death’s no excuse

I forwent that temptation and it proved just as well
it allowed me to lunch at the Lomond Hotel

where I ate a four egg omelette, that’s a total of ten
then devoured the chicken – fried; it won’t tempt me again

enticed by a Guinness and tempted twice more
and I’ll be tempted again when this show ends at four

later, at the Retreat, I’ll put up a fight
but I’m planning to be tempted all bloody night

I saw a woman near Myers, I almost walked past her
collecting money for the Burma and China disasters

just a tin and a placard, she stood quietly alone
what tempted her to leave the warmth of her home?

temptation is more than adulterous affairs
indulgence and greed that cajoles and ensnares

it’s instinct, enquiry, resilience, attraction
it takes an idea — and spurs it to action

temptation enlightens as well as enslaves
without it we’d probably still be in caves

temptation can inspire both evil and good
just because you can – it doesn’t mean you should

then sometimes you should, and you could but you won’t
you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t

if I hadn’t been tempted into penning this verse
I’d have no doubt succumbed to temptation far worse

© Copyright 2008 Ian Bland

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