Bland On Bland – The Book

Bland on Bland – verses of Ian Bland.

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Ian’s first book of poetry contains over forty poems picked from a pool of over 400. Most have been crafted expressly for the Bland on Bland segment featured on the RRR JVG Radio Show over the last 10 years.

Each week, Ian is challenged to write a new poem based on a theme that JVG pulls out of his hat. Ian’s poems, like the lyrics of his songs plumb the same internal wellspring. So many intriguing word images, artful use of language and form and so many clever ideas.

The book kicks off with a droll poem about Ian’s dog, other poems are peopled by a circus of eccentrics, flakes and mavericks. “Pig” Mills who volunteered to play tuba in the school band so he could skive off school, Doris Purvis who is totally obsessed with cleanliness and routine and Clarrie Beadle who wouldn’t let the mere loss of a leg stop him kicking 1000 goals – true originals, all.

Ian delivers poems about surviving abuse, gender equality, agricultural shows and funerals and so much more; that cover the gamut of life and experience.

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