Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “The Devil“.

Dr Pump taking the console for JVG this week and putting his own stamp on the show and choice of theme.

I confess I was amazed that we hadn’t used this one before in the years of doing the show.

Oh well, when JVG gets back Pumpy can say the devil made him do it and with that here is the poem

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:

The Devil

I met the devil one winter’s night
He asked me if I had a light

Outside some rundown Fitzroy bar
He smoked Black Russians; black as tar

I told him I didn’t smoke
“You will one day” I heard him croak

Then shrugged and rasped “That’s okay
It’s time I gave those things away

How about a drink?” he smiled “My shout”
“Just one” I nodded, “A pot of stout”

“Stout? Come on my boy, my treat
Barman, two double whiskys, neat

Sit down, relax; don’t be a bore
Don’t get to talk much anymore”

I saw a sadness on his face
“Son, years ago, this was the place

The times we had would make you blush
They were crazy days, but what a rush

I could tell you stories of what went on
Still, you can’t look back, those days are gone

I was blamed for everything you know
I just rolled with it, tried to put on a show

I mean, God was the star; he’d always win
But God needed me to be the cause of all sin

I was whipping boy, God their salvation
Did I lure the weak to eternal damnation?

I was the puppet, a means of control
I have no interest in owning your soul

Look at your world; did I plant the seeds?
I can’t even grasp such damnable deeds

I went for the ride; I’d do it again
But evil? That’s born in the hearts of men

Son, I am your making; you’re the darkness in me
And God is whatever you want God to be

But forgive my meanderings, what must you think?
Allow an old man to buy you a drink

Barman, two more, this time single malt
You only have blended? I suppose that’s my fault”

© Copyright 2018 Ian Bland

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