Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ The Man “.

Great theme this week and a fun poem to write.

Sadly there is no audio this week, the tech gods didn’t smile upon our endeavours as they say.

I promise I did hit record but when I came to the end there was nothing there. Spooky?

I am sure it is just coincidence and that there is absolutely no causal link to me writing about “The Man” and the equipment malfunctioning. At least the words are there.

So this week instead of listening to the poem, have a listen to the tracks on the new EP “Once We Were Kings Of The World

The Man

Dear God, King and father
They tell me you’re “The Man”
Though why you need a gender
I will never understand

It’s not like there’s a Mrs God
Unless you’ve kept her quiet
Concubine or mistress?
Nah, the churches wouldn’t buy it

My theory’s far more earthly
Stems from power, not the soul
You were deemed a bloke by mortal men
To assert their own control

They were cunning; no-one’s seen you
They could give you any face
A scam still used today
To keep women in their place

God, I reckon you’re a woman
“Based on what?” I hear you ask
Well, you’re not scared of commitment
And besides you multi task

No man could build the universe
At least not in a week
The structure would be sound
But aesthetics, dull and bleak

No flowers, trees or butterflies
No colourful veneer
Just rocks and rocks and more rocks
And volcanos spewing beer

Our prejudice, opinions
Social structures, social mores
Justified beyond debate
When sanctioned as “God’s Laws”

“Don’t blame us, its fathers’ will”
To censure girls and gays
It is man and not just you God
Who moves in mysterious ways

Or are you made in our image?
Do our bidding? Serve our plan?
Like royalty, just a figurehead
Working for “The man”

© Copyright 2012 Ian Bland

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