Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “THINGS YOU CAN’T DO”



“Stop” screamed the sign: “No kids after nine”
Screwed to the door, were several “Nos” more

“No thongs or bare feet”: “No Feet on the Seat”
“No Singlets or Sandals” No Colours” “No Vandals”

“Keep off the Grass” “Stick to the Lines”
Our lives are ruled by negative signs

Rigid, repressive: Resolute, like a sentry
“No Public Access”: “No Exit”: “No Entry”

“No Topless Bathing”: “No Breast Feeding”
“No Electronic Devices”: “No Ball Games”: “No Speeding”

“No Graffiti”: “No Gambling”: “No Crossing”: “No Skating”
“No Food or Drink”: “No Urinating”

“No Music”: “No Glass”: “No Cameras”: “No Flash”
“No Feeding the Birds”: “No Cards Only Cash”

“No Trespassing”: “Kissing, Soliciting, Pets”
“No Naked Flames”: “No Phones”: “No Regrets”

“No Hawkers”: “No Babies”: “No Hunting”: “No Booze”
“No Hoodies”: “No Piercings”: “No Tattoos”

“No Parking”: “No Passing”: “No Overtaking”
“No Reversing” “No Turns” “No Air Braking”

“No Swimming”: “No Fishing”: “No Splashing”: “No Diving”
“No Surfboards”: “No Horses”: “No Boating”: “No Jiving”

“No Littering, Loitering”: “No Standing”: “No Sitting”
“No Noise”: “No Boys”: “No Swearing”: “No Spitting”

“No Vacancy”: “No Nudity”: “No Aiding or Abetting”
“No Touching”: “No Smoking”: “No Hands” and “No Petting”

“No Rucksacks, Back Packs”: “No Hoses”: “No Computers”
“No Coaches”: “No Trucks”: “No Cars” and “No Scooters”

No Jaywalking, Jumping: “No Rubbish”: “No Dumping”
“No Dogs Off the Leash”: “No Pushing”: “No Bumping”

“No shoes with Spikes”: “No Skateboards”: “No Bikes”
“No Confetti”: “No Fires”: “No Tagging”: “No Priors”

“No False Idols”: “No Kicking”: “No Climbing”
“No Chewing Gum”: “No Admittance”: “No Rhyming?”

When it comes to the law, we’re a bit on the “No’s”
We’re just a bunch of “can’ts” I suppose

© 2014 Ian Bland – All Rights Reserved

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