Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Tiger“. Good theme today, took a slightly different angle.

Ed is working elsewhere again (but we will be playing together later today)

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Esther Davey’s death sparked no forlorn, flood of tears
A week shy of ninety five, she’d had her share of years

Her husband and two brothers died many years before
No children, no family, bar a niece she rarely saw

Outlasted her contemporaries, outlived every friend
An old Foxy, named Tiger, her only company in the end

The neighbours mowed her lawn and generally kept an eye
She refused to leave her home and that is where she’d die

The house went to the niece and everything within
A Wedgwood Vase, a mantle clock – the rest tossed in the bin

There were rumours of a fortune, though never any proof
Still her niece dug up the garden and poked round in the roof

A few old tools, a wicker chair, nothing that you’d keep
Not even Esther’s prized possession – a vinyl shopping jeep

But what to do with Tiger? Deaf and going blind
She’d have him put to sleep, she was only being kind

Esther’s neighbour said old Tige could live with them next door
He’d grown up playing with her kids and Pete, their Labrador

It saved a hefty vet bill, so the niece, at once, agreed
Chucked in the vinyl shopping jeep, a collar and a lead

Tiger spent the next three years in suburban canine bliss
Unaware how close he came to the edge of the abyss

Daytimes sleeping on the porch, the odd scratch on the belly
Evenings curled up with his bone neath the warm glow of the telly

Even when his legs gave out, his eyes still held their spark
They modified the shopping jeep and pushed him round the park

One morning they found Tiger struggling to breathe
The vet said he was suffering and this time no reprieve

As they wrapped him in a blanket, he gave a little cough
The family stroked his head and Tiger gently drifted off

When the vet removed his collar she did a double take
“These rhinestones on the band” she cried “I’m not so sure they’re fake”

They took it to a jeweller, though sceptical at first
“Diamonds” he gasped, “Near flawless and 2 carats each, at worst”

We’re talking a hundred grand apiece, times 12, you do the sums
Wrapped around some pooches neck while he’s off sniffing bums

Therein lies the difference between man and man’s best friend
Dogs’ sense worth to begin with, we fool ourselves till the end

You can’t eat opals or rubies; a pearl won’t bounce like a ball
You can’t curl up on an emerald; a sapphire has no scent at all

A rock can’t offer you friendship; you won’t find love in a stone
I’ve not met a dog, given the choice, would choose diamonds over a bone

© Copyright 2011 Ian Bland

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