Bland On Bland – Trilogy

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Trilogy”. Jon has finished with Melbourne Suburbs for now, but the AFL Grand Final dominates Melbourne with a draw for the third time ever.

Ed Bates is once again on the guitar duties this week

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I walked past the entrance to Sandringham Station
The platform awash with red, black and white
A mood of excitement and anticipation
Joy or despair would be theirs tonight

They spoke of players as some speak of royalty
Banners, jumpers, scarves, worn with pride
Faces, painted, declaring their loyalty
If failure awaited, they’d have nowhere to hide

A St Kilda desperate with a Collingwood tragic
Good friends regardless, but feeling the strain
Aware only one could be granted the magic
Still sharing a drink as they boarded the train
I walked past the entrance to Sandringham Station

I sat in a pub, watching the game
A stranger in this bar, I kept myself nice
Apparently, others weren’t feeling the same
Throwing chips at the screen, and umpires advice

“Riewoldt can’t kick” drew a “What about Cloke?”
Two thirds rode the Saints, the rest Collingwood
After each goal they’d rush for a smoke
The company was lacking but the Guinness was good

By the last quarter a few looked unwell
Consumed by the pressure only beer could sedate
I thought to myself, though embarrassed to tell
I’m sort of liking the fact the Roos missed the eight
I sat in a pub, watching the game

I hopped on a bus outside the hotel
Joined by the faithful heading home from the G
Souls trapped in limbo, between heaven and hell
Another week, prolonging the agony

Supporters of both teams, gutted and numb
The mood subdued as we wove through the streets
Despite their passion, a religion to some
They had no problem sharing the seats

The Grand Final Breakfast, early that morning
I wondered if Julia Gillard foresaw
“Our nation couldn’t bear it” she offered in warning
“Please, please, we cannot have a draw”
I hopped on a bus outside the hotel

© Copyright 2010 Ian Bland

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