Bland On Bland – Trouble

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ Trouble “.

For the final time from Coventry, Good afternoon John

Only one day to go before heading back to Melbourne, madly packing and enjoying my last pint of warm beer and yes that is rain in the background pelting the roof of the caravan!

You’re never too old to learn, as they say, and I learnt a really valuable and useful lesson this week.

When securing a canal boat to the side of a lock untie the ropes before lowering the water level!

A very expen$ive lesson at that.

There’s a skill that will come in really handy in Melbourne. Trouble just follows me around.

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The August Riots?
A few bad eggs
Rabble, dregs
Trouble makers
Law breakers
Low life vultures
Gang cultures
Everybody knows

Everybody has a view
What the government should do
Everybody has a fix
Determined by their politics

Reform or hang them high
Jail the bastards till they die
But more elusive, the reasons why

Underclass, no ifs or buts
Lack of funding, Budget cuts
Lazy slobs, No hope, no jobs,
A breeding ground for angry mobs
Neglect, no respect
Drop out and disconnect
Aimless and shameless
No ifs or buts
Everybody knows

Black and white
No shades of grey
No principles, Moral decay
Rudderless, no moral anchors
Or ethics no worse than bankers
Criminal attacks
Anti-social acts
Products of a Welfare State
Bleeding hearts and silver plates
Greed not need
Vandalism, Narcissism
And every other kind of schism

Everybody knows

Chestnuts like immigration
Standards of education
Racism, discrimination
Prisoner rehabilitation
Generalisations, Simplifications
Biased, toxic, tired clich‚s
While you’re at it blame the gays
Teachers, Police and others
Absent fathers, single mothers

Name them, Shame them
Law and Order
Close the border
Show who’s boss
Rhetorical dross

Political agenda
Wallpaper, putty, render

History should not be forgotten
The ruminations of Johnny Rotten
Anarchy in the UK
Just as relevant today
“No future for me”
“No future for you”
When enough people believe that’s true
When enough truly hold that view
“Fire burn and cauldron bubble”
Never mind the bollocks, there’s your trouble

© Copyright 2011 Ian Bland

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