Bland On Bland – True

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “True”

First one for 2010, I think we are of to a good start.

Ed Bates eschews the guitar this week and uses his computer to offer a tasteful and evocative ambience.



True – Or False? Have A Guess.
The Subject Doesn’t Matter
C’mon, True – Or False – Yes Or No
The Former Or The Latter

Fifty/Fifty – Not Bad Odds
For Something Black – Or White
Truth Is So Subjective
Perhaps Both – Or Neither Is Right

How Do You Determine What’s True?
Logic Or Revelation?
Raised, As We Were, On Father Christmas
Whom We Embraced Without Hesitation

A Rabbit Brought Us Chocolate Eggs
Accepted Without A Skerrick Of Proof
A Fairy, Unsighted, With An Oral Fixation
Left Cash For Each Discarded Tooth

A God, Who In Six Days Created The Earth
The Stars, Every Creature And Bloom
Which I Struggled To Fathom Given It Took Me
A Week Just To Tidy My Room

Industries Evolved To Confound Us With Spin
And Help Turn Opinion Their Way
Doubt, The Path Of Least Resistance
Blends Black And White Into Grey

Media, Marketers, Lawyers, The Internet
Politicians – To Name But A Few
Religion, Advertisements, Experts For Hire
Each With Their Own Brand Of True

Gaza Strip, Iraq, Iran
Collateral Damage – Vietnam

Jaidyn Leskie, JFK
Bash The Bush, Dredge The Bay

Man On The Moon, Alien Abduction
Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Financial Advisors, Ab Machines
Harold Holt, Nicotine
Climate Change, Margarine

Substantiated Or Exaggerated?
Subjective Or Subjugated?

Economists, Terrorists, Pragmatists, Strategists
Unionists, Theorists, Columnists, Activists

Israel, Palestine
The Benefits Of Red Wine

Longford, Winternoom, Roswell, Maralinga
Cover The Eyes Or Point The Finger

Low Fat, No Fat, Less Fat, Lite
Endless Potential, Renovator’s Delight

Resurrection Or Reincarnation?
Reality Or Indoctrination?
Another Stolen Generation

Conservationists, Lobbyists, Scientists, Ethicists
Journalists, Industrialists, Evangelists, Separatists

Dairy Or Soy? Is Fluoride Safe?
Sodom Or Gomorrah – Science Or Faith?

Lowers Cholesterol, Salt Reduced
Imported Ingredients – Locally Produced
Strengthens Immunity, Studies Show
Squeezed Fresh Daily – Two Weeks Ago

Cures Cancer, Reflux And Period Pains
Prevents Wrinkles, Whitens Teeth And Unblocks Drains
Lose 30 Kilos – Guaranteed
Carbon Neutral And Cholesterol Free
No Child Will Live In Poverty

Imperialists, Socialists, Feminists, Misogynists
Pacifists, Physicists, Zionists, Monarchists

Deceit, Scam, Fact Or Deception
Valid Claim, Routine Or Exception
Opinion, Belief, Immaculate Conception

True – Or False? Can’t Make Up Your Mind?
Too Hard? Still Unsure?
Truth, Comes As Do Promises
Both As Core And Non-Core

Too Little, Too Much, Conflicting Data?
Best Wait For The Waters To Clear?
True – Or False? A Seed Of Doubt?
Bingo – That’s The Whole Idea

© Copyright 2010 Ian Bland

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