goughThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is
West “.


This week, as spring unfolds; Gough Whitlam headed west
Beyond the man himself, an era laid to rest

Conditional acknowledgement from the doyens of the right
Choking back the bile, they tried their best to be polite

Highlighting, what they view as Gough’s catastrophic faults
They cast their caustic barbs – or perhaps that should be Bolts

And yes, mistakes were made: too much was done to fast
But Gough changed the way we view ourselves, and that legacy will last

When Gough abolished uni fees they whinged about the cost
But put a price on knowledge and more than money’s lost

Today, the income gap creates social segregation
The most powerful means to bridge that great divide is education

The right are less far flattering of the legacy of Gough
A legacy, in their mind, we’re all still paying off

But history will show the most change since federation
Gough helped this country grow from colony to nation

As they play down his achievements, the ink sours on the page
I, like many others, still maintain the rage

He didn’t shove his tongue up the bum of every royal
Or allow nuclear testing to contaminate our soil

Or commit us to a war, the coalition of the willing
Chasing non-existent weapons which merely amplified the killing

Ironies abound; among those, not the least
Gough has headed west as the west heads Middle East

His intelligence and wit transcends the vagaries of rhyme
At ninety eight, with failing health, Gough would have said “It’s time”

© Copyright 2014 Ian Bland

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One comment on “Bland On Bland – West

  • Your verses tonight at The Caravan Club were gold (you already know that). I laughed so hard I barely remembered a handful of your gems. Please publish them, invite me to buy them or donate them to the football loving world. Either way, I want to re-live tonight’s magic. Now it’s all up to you my good man!

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