Bland On Bland – Wishing

The theme Jon chose for the
JVG Radio Method today was “WISHING”.

Click to play today’s piece … [audio:JVG_Poem20070826.mp3]

Jon and I discussed how quiet the studio was after the last fortnight’s madness of the radiothon. I dont think we have all recovered yet.

Ed Bates once again played slide on today’s piece. Thanks Ed.

BONUS : Dan Warner also has a segment on the show and this week I was roped into playing my baritone guitar on an awesome rendition of Pink Floyd’s song “Wish You Were Here”.
Click the play icon to hear it … [audio:DW-WishUWereHere.mp3] It doesn’t sound half bad.


wishing is like fishing, on a still moonless night
cast a line into the dark, inviting luck to bite

a moment premature, a ripple too late
the tide and the current, have you used the right bait?

a chance you’ll catch nothing, but a chance that you will
as much faith as knowledge, as much hope as skill

where logic surrenders, a wish carries on
a harbour, an oasis, when all hope is gone

the pleas of the drowning, pining redemption
the fall of the cards or divine intervention

selfish indulgence or selfless desire
a roll of the dice or an unseen messiah

a breath for the dying, a step for the lame
or as flippant as the outcome of a football game

a four leaf clover, a wish bone, a star
a new dress, a new life, a new bike or car

the cry of the lovesick, the plea of the needy
remorse of the guilty, the want of the greedy

the trivial, unattainable, the wildest of dreams
the quietest of whispers, the loudest of screams

the height of elation, the depth of despair
the hymn of the desperate, the atheist’s prayer

an invisible refuge between fate and the gods
a glimmer of hope against impossible odds

or a moment of whimsy, illusion, reflection
affixed to a daydream, a glimpse of perfection

it takes more than desire, for a wish to comply
for wishes, like fishes, rarely fall from the sky

© Copyright 2007 Ian Bland

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