These are two poems I wrote for the 3RRR Chrismas Barbie show. A number of people asked for a copy of the words so here they are. First is What To Get Jesus for Christmas and then First Barbie Both are in PDF format.… Read More

Since early 2007 I have had a regular spot on the JVG Radio Method program broadcast on 3RRR here in Melbourne. Jon After receiving a number of requests for the words I decided to put a recording of the poem up on the site so that Jon didn’t have to deal with it.… Read More

Kick It To Us is a song I wrote and played live for the 2005 3RRR radiothon, featuring Dave Moll on slide and the usual suspects in the background. It went to air on the JVG Radio Method Kick It To Us – This is for all those people who requested it.… Read More