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  1. hey ian, do you remember me. Jill Taylors mate. Im coming to see you tommorow in brunswick. cant wait to catch up

  2. Hi, I very much enjoy the funny poems on sunday afternoons – always get a giggle! Just wondering if you have your poems on cd? I am going on a road trip to Byron and would love to be able to listen to them on the way.

  3. sorry claire, none on cd as yet, only music i’m afraid.
    a book and cd planned for the new year.
    dan’s new album is out and might be just the thing for those long hours behind the wheel.
    byron? – oh how i wish!
    have a relaxing and safe trip

  4. Re Claire’s request – I too would very much love to see a CD of the poetry. The highlight of JVG’s program each week!!

  5. Hi MM
    Thanks for the message.
    Your comment prompted me to revisit Claire’s message, to which my response was a book (with CD) of poetry would be ready in the new year – the new year being 2009!
    I was staggered to discover Claire’s message was sent almost exactly 4 years ago to the day!
    Time slips away.
    However, after I launch my new music CD next month and get BBQ Day out of the way, it is my intention to concentrate on finishing the poetry book and CD and hopefully have it out by mid next year.
    Thanks for prodding me into action – Claire’s probably a great grandmother by now!

  6. Mate

    All of a sudden Jack and the Pubes seem so long ago. Love the songs on ‘Angel in Reverse’. How do I get my hands on a copy? Living in Canada these days. Cheers.

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