Just been added to In Oakleigh Tonight with JVG
After the huge success of The Caravan’s very own tonight show IOT in June it will return on Thursday July 6th and will run on the first Thursday of every month from then on in. You ask whatever happened to variety entertainment? It’s back.
Be there on July 6th for the 2nd IOT show. Your host RRR’s Jon von Goes and the IOT house band will be joined by guest MICK THOMAS (WPA) and JEMMA ROWLANDS (Clifton Hillbillys).
lt’ll be like being at home watching telly when there were 4 channels and everything was live. Singing, dancing, interviews, a desk, a couch, a house band, a house poet, a barrel, a wheel, prizes, mall talk, local legends, big names, small names, dinner, show. All in the comfort of the caravan music club where drinks are still reasonably inexpensive.
Entertainment with the largest upper case E you’ve ever seen.


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