One More Bend In The Road

I wake alone, the bed warm where you lay
door closes gently as you leave
i go to call you back, like so many times before
but a restless heart needs room to breathe

i’ve taken lovers, none i’ve held for long
you’ve found some comfort on your way
still the love we share is more
than words have told
but not enough to make you stay

like a book you start to read
and can’t put down
a drunk who swears just one more beer
one more mile for you is never quite enough
you have to leave to feel me near

one more bend in the road
one more walk along that endless highway
nothing promised, nothing owed
one more bend in the road


Ian Bland – Vocals & Guitar
Mark Stanley – Drums & Percussion
Alan Brooker – Bass
Bill Canty – Keyboards
Greg Hunt – Violin
Dave Moll – Lap Steel
Jane Landy – Backing Vocals
Peter Hayes – Backing Vocals
Paul McMurray – Backing Vocals

© Copyright 2006 Ian Bland