Bland On Bland – Circus

The theme this week for Jon’s JVG Radio Method on 3RRR is “Circus “. Ed Bates is on backing music duties this week.
This was presented in two parts during the annual 3RRR Subscribathon. I know that it will be over by the time you read this, but consider just sending a few bucks along to your local public broadcaster, they can always use it.

Click to hear Circus Part 1… [audio:JVG_Poem20080824.mp3] Click to hear Circus Part 2… [audio:JVG_Poem20080902.mp3]

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Bland On Bland – Wheels

The poem I wrote this week for Jon’s JVG Radio Method on 3RRR has the Grand Prix appropriate topic (I’ll bet that was more by accident than design) “WHEELS”.

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:

I phoned in from down the coast this week, so the quality of the recording is a bit hollow. I think that I will probably have to redo it. I had a listened and have decided to leave it as is. The performance has a certain something that I probably couldn’t capture again.

Ed Bates was playing the slide guitar at the studio. Thanks Ed.

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Bland On Bland – Smoke

This week, Jon’s choice of topic for the JVG Radio Method proves that he has regained his sanity after last week’s “Dan” debacle (it’s not a theme, but I have moved on). This weeks theme is “SMOKE“… now that’s a theme.

Today, Jon and I chatted about the Federal Opposition’s lack of ideas (cardboard cutouts? I ask you) and they wonder why they were consigned to history’s ashtray at the last election. Jon also asked whether or not I had felt like a smoke in the last 20 years after having given up. As I told Jon, you will have to check out the poem to find out the answer.

For the fans of Spanner and Rabbit, they make an appearance this week.

Ed Bates playing slide guitar in the background with smoke getting in his eyes. His amp was dying… just kidding.
Have a listen to how it went below…

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:

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Bland On Bland – Rip

This week’s poem I wrote for Jon’s JVG Radio Method on 3RRR is a ripper.The topic for today is “RIP”. I cant believe that in 10 years of doing the show that it hadn’t been used.

Click to hear today’s poem… [audio:JVG_Poem20071118.mp3]

Jon and I spent most of our chat “neither confirming nor denying” the rumours that are flying around regarding the upcoming TRIPLE R BBQ DAY – You might want to keep SUNDAY 2ND OF DECEMBER free. I have been busy composing ditties especially for the event.

For the fans of “Rabbit” McGorry, he makes an appearance in today’s poem

Ed Bates once again fulfilling the appropriately summery backing obligations on slide guitar today.

Actually this week I want to feature a bit more Ed’s playing. Ed also plays slide for Dan Warner’s “Warner Corner” segment on the show. Today Dan did a great swing arrangement of Blondie’s “Rip Her To Shreds”. Ed ‘s playing really shines.

Have a listen here – [audio:DanWarner_RipHerToShreds.mp3]

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Bland On Bland – Battles

The poem I wrote this week for Jon’s JVG Radio Method on 3RRR is about “BATTLES”.

Click to hear today’s poem… [audio:JVG_Poem20071007.mp3]

The theme this week was because Jon decided to have a “Battle of The Surf Bands” with two of Melbourne’s local band, The Budgie Smugglers up against the Gamma Rays. One band in Studio 1 and the other in Studio 2. The outcome was a tie, and for the third week in row I had to dash to do a gig with my band over in StKilda at the Pint On Punt again.

Three gigs in three weeks, success will go to our heads at this rate.

Ed Bates is once again the man on backing guitar this week. Thanks Ed, as always it sounds pretty good.

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Bland On Bland – Haircuts

The theme for the JVG Radio Method today was “HAIRCUTS”. Jon is still on holidays so today we had Peter Lawler (Dr Pump) in control.

Click to play today’s piece … [audio:JVG_Poem20070722.mp3] (Sorry that the recording is a bit gritty today.)

In today’s thrilling instalment we meet the Hair Police and a wig with aspirations. It’s also based on a true incident in my life.

Ed Bates played guitar today.

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